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Panchi - Remediation Education Center at Ghazipur, Delhi

o    Project Type    :    Remediation Education at Ghazipur, Delhi

o    Partner Agency    :    IL&FS Education & Technology Services


Project Panchi is a remedial education program being run by LENS Foundation at Ghazipur, Delhi. A waste management plant has been running in Ghazipur for decades and there is a huge slum community in the vicinity. The objective of this project is the enhancement of age appropriate, curricular learning for children outside of the school environment, in the age group of 5-14 years, hailing from the Ghazipur slum community. The program targets school going as well as out-of-school children in the catchment. The project engages subject teachers and also provides them with teaching tools and technology to help these students. The project currently has over 200 students who are undergoing its learning development programs. The staff not only provides academic learning but also life management skills, community outreach and sensitisation. LENS works by funding the infrastructure, staff as well as other specific initiatives of the project and providing resources and support as needed, along with monitoring the learning outcomes and progress of all students.

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