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Samarpan School, Shastri Park, Delhi

o Project Type : Samarpan School, Shastri Park, Delhi

o Partner Agency : Samarpan Foundation

Delhi, being the capital and a city with better opportunities, invites migration from various rural areas from people looking for livelihood. The high cost of living in the city make these migrants end up in a condition of poverty and substandard living conditions, making daily survival a continuous challenge. Approximately 8000 residents, families of rickshaw pullers, farmers and daily wage labourers live under a bridge situated close to the Yamuna River. Samarpan School, funded by LENS Foundation, provides the only source of education to students that do not attend formal schools. The tuition centre enables students who attend Government schools to cope with studies as the community is mostly illiterate and their parents are unable to assist with their homework. The school caters to around 250 students teaching both basic and advanced learning techniques. LENS Foundation also runs a kitchen where the children are provided with one hot nutritious meal, to ensure basic nutrition. A significant challenge that came up was that the children were required to take care of their younger siblings and because of which they could not come to school or concentrate on studies. To cater to those children a crèche was put in place so that the younger children can be in the day care and the elder children could attend the school. LENS works by funding the salaries of the staff, running the kitchen and the crèche, as well as other specific initiatives of the project and providing resources and support as needed, along with monitoring the learning outcomes and progress of all students.

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