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Our Approach

LENS Foundation believes in taking clear, goal-oriented firm steps to achieve its annual targets. Keeping in mind the needs of different projects it has studied over time, it has developed a three-step approach for efficient and impactful process:

Identifying the Problem: The team of dedicated professionals at LENS Foundation scouts for critical gaps in society which it can fulfil according to its mandate. Its consultants identify projects and opportunities in different parts of the country and studies the models already employed in project implementation. It evaluates the the project need and practical interventions before deciding to support a project.

Partnering with Stakeholders: Once a project and its lacunae are identified, LENS Foundation explores the possible stakeholders among government agencies, grassroots NGOs, and public- and private-sector entities. Locating the right stakeholders and creating a meeting ground for them is crucial to the success of a project. The foundation spends a great amount of energy in this phase by not just identifying the stakeholders but also creating practical, result-oriented guidelines for them, which ensure successful delivery of the project deliverables in the stipulated timeline.

Raise Support: The foundation generates funds and resources (voice, time, skills) from individuals like you and institutional partnerships. It encourages people from all walks of life to contribute in any of our projects in whichever way they can. Since all its projects and properly documented and deliverables fixed, the transparent process of the foundation seeks to inspire confidence in its funders. Its executives maintain a line of communication with all funders to ensure that they are constantly updated about the progress of the project they choose to support.